Bad night for the BoSox edition

Red Sox lost to the Orioles, 5 to 2.

The morning quote, I:
“We’ve turned the page.”
—Orioles closer Zach Britton before last night’s game, referring to the hostilities between the two teams that began two weeks ago with Dustin Pedroia being injured by an intentionally dirty slide by Baltimore’s Manny Machado. (Spoiler alert: the page wasn’t turned.)

The morning quote, II:
“You’d have to ask him.”
Mookie Betts on whether the 94 mph fastball thrown by Oriole starter Dylan Bundy that hit him on the hip last night was intentional. (It clearly was, though the umpire didn’t even bother to issue any warnings.)

The morning quote, III:
“Can I go home? This is ridiculous, man…I don’t have time for this.”
—Dustin Pedroia, on the controversy, after last night’s game. The Sox (and Pedroia, bless his heart) sorely miss Big Papi’s leadership right now (not to mention his bat).

Just to recap:
Pedroia missed three games due to Machado’s cheap slide, and Red Sox reliever Matt Barnes was also ejected from a game and suspended four more for throwing at (and missing) Machado in retaliation.

As for the Orioles…
Who intentionally injured a Boston player, and actually did hit a member of the Red Sox with a pitch: they’ve suffered no penalties or punishment. To add insult to injury, Machado hit a homer over the Green Monster last night.

So Chris Sale (being Chris Sale) will probably plunk an Oriole tonight… 
Then he’ll be ejected, and suspended for a situation Baltimore once again instigated. Afterward, smug Orioles manager Buck Showalter will laugh maniacally, as his team skates and he gets the upper hand over John Farrell for the zillionth time.

What else you need to know about last night’s Red Sox game:
Boston starter Rick Porcello pitched well enough to win (6 innings, 2 earned runs 7K’s), but Boston’s bats were once again silent, and their gloves were even worse—as three eighth inning errors led to three excruciating unearned runs.

Just to add to the awesomeness…
A fan was ejected for reportedly throwing a bag of peanuts at Orioles outfielder Adam Jones during the game. Jones says he also heard morons hurling racial slurs at him, sadly.

We don’t know exactly what the Met Gala is…
But we’re pretty sure it’s not a party for Keith Hernandez, Daryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden. Anyway, it was “hosted” last night by Tom and Gisele. The Daily Mirror has photos of the scene (and TB12’s snazzy velvet jacket) here.

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