Don’t blame Panda edition

Don’t blame Panda edition

Red Sox lost to the Phillies, 1 to 0.

The morning quote:Don’t 
“I think all pitchers like to hit, and a small part of all hitters likes pitching, too. We don’t get to do it very often, so it’s fun to go up there and mess around a little bit. Would’ve liked to get the win. Trade it in.”
Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale, who doubled in the eighth inning for his first career extra base hit, but was stranded on the bases. He went eight innings, striking out 10 and walking one, while giving up one run in the bottom of the eighth to pick up the loss.

Our favorite headline of the morning…
Comes from “Tom Brady posts adorable photo of his son Benny trying on Patriots ‘armor.” Greatest. Kid picture. Ever.

The “no duh” headline of the morning…
Comes from ESPN Boston: “Tom Brady’s arm strength shows no signs of decline in practice.” Of course it doesn’t! Does the strength of the sun’s rays show signs of decline? Does the strength of gravity’s pull show signs of decline?

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What you need to know about last night’s Red Sox game:
Boston was down one run in the ninth, with JBJ on first base and two outs, when manager John Farrell let Pablo Sandoval step to the plate. Three pitches (two of them in the dirt) later, the mighty Panda had struck out, and the Red Sox had lost.

Don’t blame Panda.
It’s not his fault that he’s being embarrassed at the plate and on the field right now. It’s John Farrell’s. If the Red Sox manager kept him on the bench, permanently, he wouldn’t look nearly as bad.

Heckuva job, Dave Dombrowski.
Right-handed reliever Tyler Thornburg, who came to the Red Sox in a trade for two minor league prospects and promising third baseman Travis Shaw, will receive season-ending shoulder surgery.

Travis Shaw update: 
He’s batting .302, with 11 HR, 46 RBI, 7 stolen bases, 68 hits, and 30 runs for the Brewers. This is when young people at home might want to google the words: “Jeff Bagwell for Larry Andersen” and see what fun information comes up.

Look out Red Sox fans:
$72.5 million Cuban mystery man Rusney Castillo is hitting .357 so far this month in Pawtucket. Is he finally figuring things out? Too bad he doesn’t play third base.

The Bruins offered a sneak peek at their redesigned Adidas jerseys yesterday.
And you can see it here. Same black and gold, with just a few minor touches.

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