Look out for King James edition


The morning quote:
“The troubling thing is, we’re not hearing from NFL players that it’s bad to hide concussions. It’s a terrible message to send to young players. You could not express a worse public health message than this, to tell them to hide a concussion from their team.”
Dr. Chris Nowinski, of the Boston University CTE Center. Well said, doc.

The morning quote, II:
“I was fortunate to be a season ticket holder during Raymond’s entire Patriots career. For the first half of his career, he teamed with Michael Haynes to form one of the best corner tandems in league history. Throughout his career, Raymond was a physical shutdown corner.”
Patriots owner Robert Kraft, on retired cornerback Raymond Clayborn being selected yesterday as the 2017 inductee to the team’s Hall of Fame.

For those of you who don’t know about Raymond Clayborn…
He was consistently one of the Patriots’ best players through some of its darkest seasons of the 1980s. Despite putting on a New England uniform for 11 years, the three-time Pro Bowler only reached the playoffs four times. He’s now rightfully headed for the team’s Hall of Fame.

Who says we never cover soccer? 
Last night Tom Brady shared an Instagram video of his son Ben cheering from the sidelines of his other son Jack’s soccer game. It has already been viewed more than a half-million times and received hundreds of loving comments. Greatest. Kid video. Ever.

To borrow a quote from the immortal Rex Ryan…
We won the offseason! In an article this morning, CBS Sports ranks the top NFL front office performances so far this winter, and puts the Patriots #1 on the list. We’re already counting down the seconds to training camp.

Our favorite headline of the morning comes from the Miami Herald.
“Ndamukong Suh ranked NFL’s 55th best player, has league’s 16th highest salary.” Boneheaded contracts like these are why the Patriots’ AFC East rivals are always fighting for second place. Suh will be getting paid more this year than Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, Russell Wilson, J.J. Watt, and Julio Jones, to name some examples.

Our favorite Herald article of the morning:
“5 key players who’ve failed to perform for the sluggish Red Sox.” Here’s the list: Rick Porcello, Drew Pomeranz, Jackie Bradley Jr., Steven Wright, and Pablo Sandoval. We personally give Wright a pass, seeing how John Farrell destroyed his career with that pinch-running debacle.

USA today speaks the grim truth:
“Punchless Red Sox—last in the AL in home runs—are picture of mediocrity.” Dave Dombrowski has constructed a team with no depth, and John Farrell couldn’t manage the Red Sox’s way out of a paper bag. Besides that, the future looks bright!

We’re not expecting big things from the Celtics tonight.
After all, LeBron will be very, very motivated. But we’ll still be watching.

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