What is Trader Danny doing? edition

Red Sox beat the Astros, 6 to 5.

The morning quote:
“It’s just been terrible. It’s been bad. It’s not me. I can throw the baseball better. That’s the bottom line.”
—David Price, who got the win in last night’s Red Sox game by going a mediocre five innings and giving up three runs on eight hits, while walking three and striking out three. He’s now 2-1, with a 5.14 ERA for the season.

Another first for the GOAT.
He threw a football on the Great Wall of China yesterday, to an avid group of…press photographers, and a couple of mystified onlookers. He also brought the Super Bowl trophy with him, just because. You can see TB12’s dramatic Instagram posts from the scene here.

And what did Gisele do for Father’s Day while Tom was half a planet away?
We’re glad you asked, because the Daily Mail has the answer.  It involved a dramatic Instagram post of her own.

What you need to know about last night’s Red Sox game:
David Price pitched just mediocre enough, and Xander Bogaerts belted two homers, drove in three runs and scored two in Boston’s victory over Houston. With the win, the Red Sox are now tied with the Yankees for first in the division.

Did you see Andrew Benintendi’s pickoff at the plate last night?
He cut down Jose Altuve at home, with a 237-foot, 91 MPH perfect throw to save the game in the eighth inning. You can see it here.

Dustin Pedroia was hit with a pitch in the back last night in the seventh inning, and had to be taken to a Houston hospital for X-rays on his ribs. The previous batter, Mookie Betts, was also hit, and then got nailed on the elbow during a pickoff attempt when he was on first base.

What the heck is Danny Ainge doing?
It looks like he’s selling this year’s #1 pick to the 76ers for the #3 this year, and an unprotected likely lottery pick either next year (traded to Philly from the Lakers) or the year after that (traded to Philly from the Kings).

What about the great Markelle Fultz?
Philadelphia looks ready to take him #1. A little reality check on him, and his “greatness,” though: Larry Bird took a bunch of nobodies at Indiana State to the NCAA finals. Fultz took a bunch of nobodies at Washington, and lost all but two of his conference games.

So what does this mean for the Celtics?
We have no idea. Yahoo Sports runs down the possibilities here. But any way you look at it, Trader Danny has an incredible number of options at his disposal, and the makings of the next Super Team. All from unloading Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in 2013. Red would be so proud.

Three New Hampshire NHL’ers were made available for the expansion draft.
And the Manchester Union Leader has the list: Tim Schiller of the Bruins, Paul Thompson of the Panthers, and Ben Lovejoy of the Devils. We should add that Boston winger Jimmy Hayes, of Dorchester Mass. and Boston College, was also left unprotected.

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